Creating a Legacy that Reflects a Passion for Family and Community

Natalie GendlerIn 2018 we received notice of a legacy gift from Natalie Gendler. Natalie was known to us not only for her support of Northwest Harvest but her involvement in the community, especially the Arts. In talking with her two daughters, it was quickly evident that Natalie’s passion for supporting the community and being there for others was nurtured early in her life in New York by her father and mother.

Her father was a judge who often expressed concern for the young people who were not being properly nurtured by food and love within their families. Her mother’s career as a social worker simply reinforced that concern. Early in their lives, world events interfered with her brother’s bar mitzvah. The family and friends quickly pivoted into action to celebrate this young man’s journey into adulthood by coming together to make sandwiches for distribution to those going off to war.

Natalie felt that no one should go hungry. This was especially important for young students in school. After gaining her Doctorate in Psychology at the University of Omaha, her career as a school psychologist centered around schools. She saw firsthand how hunger impacted a student’s ability to learn.

Where many couples with children state that their estate plans will solely benefit their children, Natalie understood that part of the nurturing that leads to a healthy adulthood requires a strong community. Thus her estate plan, while centering around her two daughters, also found room to express her appreciation for the work of those organizations dear to her, including Northwest Harvest.

We hope you will follow Natalie’s lead in taking care of loved one first but also leaving a portion of your estate in support of the organizations whose work you have supported through the years. Please call or email me if I can answer any questions. Anne S. Knapp, Senior Planned Giving Officer, 206.390.6094.