Celebrating a Legacy of Passion for Family and Community

We knew Natalie Gendler not only for her support of Northwest Harvest but also for her involvement in the community. She left a legacy gift to Northwest Harvest, and we continue to be grateful. We recently spoke with her two daughters, and through this conversation it became clear that this passion for community was instilled early in her life.

She grew up in New York, the child of a lawyer and a social worker. Her father was a judge who often expressed concern for young people who were not being cared for, and her mother’s concerns matched his. Their values were reflected in how they lived. For example, instead of celebrating her brother’s bar mitzvah in a traditional way, they brought people together to make sandwiches for those waiting to go off to the war.

Natalie felt that no one should go hungry, especially young students. After gaining her Doctorate in Psychology at the University of Omaha, she saw firsthand how hunger impacted students’ ability to learn in her career as a school psychologist.

Where many couples with children want their estate plans to solely benefit their children, Natalie understood that raising children to become healthy adults requires a strong community. Her estate plan, while centering around her two daughters, also expressed her appreciation for the organizations dear to her, including Northwest Harvest.

We hope you share Natalie’s understanding of the importance of community, especially at this difficult time.

If you are interested in planning your legacy and including a gift to Northwest Harvest, please contact Anne S. Knapp, Northwest Harvest’s Senior Planned Giving Officer at anneK@northwestharvest.org.